— Imperial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Socotra
Socotra II
Location of Socotra
(and largest city)
Tamrida (Hadibu)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Socotran (Lingua Socotrae)
  others Roman Polytheism
Ethnic group Socotrans
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor and Senate of Socotra

A Short History of Socotra

Socotra is a group of islands below the Arabian Peninsula. Socotra's largest and main island is the namesake of the Province. Socotra is the only Province to be governed by a Senate while not itself being a Senatorial Province. Socotra was on the edge of the Empire off in the ocean and received little attention. During their conquest a fight was not put up by these people as they had good knowledge of the fame, and fortune, of the Roman Empire. Socotra was very civilized and had a culture which could resemble the Greek City-States. The cities of Socotra joined into a league long before the arrival of the Romans and this group of cities grew to encompass the whole island chain. This council like system of the Socotrans and their tradition of having this body elect the Governor, or as it was called in their independent times the King, made it a very respected Province but there was no ignoring their general lack of resources. Even in regards to trade Socotra was not even a large stop for any lines of commerce moving around it. This began to change as the reputation of the island began to reflect its scenic coastline, which helped a little. Socotrans, however, were not a jealous people and were by no means upset at or envious of their fellow Provinces.

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