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In the Socialist World timeline , Communism and Fascism dominated the world.


in this timeline, the timeline starts in 1991.

1991:The 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt against Gorbachev is successful and the Soviet Union did not break up.This resulted Eastern Eastern Bloc countries was still existing by 2000, when the Soviets made it part of the USSR. Communuist parties in Southeast Asia merges.

1992:The Islamic government in Iran is deposed, and a communist state is established there. Communist forces sets up Communist governments in the Middle East.

1993:The Communist Governments in the Middle East Unites to form a Union of Arab Socialist Republics (UASR). Neo-Nazis in West and East Germany unifies the country as a Nazi state.

1994:UASR expands to North Africa. Germany has annexed west Poland in a partition conference with the Soviet Union. North Korea annexes South Korea.

1995:North Korea annexes South Korea and colonizes Japan. Communist parties in America merges and becomes the American Communist Union (ACU). UASR occupies Africa. The USSR and China partitions Mongolia.

1996:UASR mixes Communist and Fascist beliefs. The government of the UASR begins large-scale prosecution of Blacks in Africa. Communist parties in Australia and Oceania merges to become the Pacific Socialist Community (PSC)

1997:World War 3 starts after the UASR declared war on America. The Soviet Union invades the United Kingdom.

1998:The UASR annexes Crimea and part of Eastern Europe. The UASR also occupies India.

1999:The United Kingdom surrenders, and the US is left to fight alone. WARNING: NOT YET FINISHED

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