The Socialist Union of Russia
Социалистический союз
Timeline: Tripe Entente vs. Central Powers
OTL equivalent: Soviet Union
Socialist Union.png
Official languages Russian
Ethnic groups  Russian

Ukrainian Belarussian Finnish Catalonian Georgian Tartar Armenia Azerbaijani Kazakh Turkmen

Demonym Russian
 -  Leader Andrey Konyakov
 -  Socialist Director Oleg Titov
 -  Economic Administrator Yefim Baranov
 -  Senate Vladimir Gorokhov
 -  Military Administrator Leonid Golov
Legislature Supreme Council
 -   estimate 3,384 Members 

The Socialist Union of Russia (Социалистический союз) is a pro-Marxist and pro-Socialist group with the aventual goal of overthrowing the Tsar and forming a peoples government for all of Russia. The group was formed in March 1909 and continues to grow with supporters across Europe. We do not discriminate other races or ethnecities as we see all of Russia as united as one people. 


Currently, the Socialist Union has now military power and has little defencive and offencive equipment. The Socialist Union does not see its self as a military power, however, many members of the Socialist Union find it necessary to use force to topple the Tsar's tyranny over Russia.