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Socialist States of Georgia

Socialist States of Georgia


After the Civil War, much of upper Georgia accepted there defeat and moved on, but unlike them, many Georgians living more in the south of Georgia were less reluctant and one day dreamed of the return of Slavery.

After Doomsday

In lower Georgia, near the Georgia-Alabama border, lay a group of towns that survived the attacks on Doomsday although Albany, Thomasville and BrainBridge, all of which were hit explosive missiles targeting buildings of importance, and the people began to panic and mass hysteria was all over the towns until a man named Richard Walton put it down with troops (Richard Walton was a Communist and part of the Socialist Party USA who was to run for vice president for the 1984 election. He was called to a meeting in Albany, GA with others on important matters. He was one of many witnesses who saw the missile attack on Albany airport, he later went to the meeting site to find out that no one was there. Soon finding out what was going on, he took command of the army stationed there and took command). After taking charge in Albany, Richard made speeches to the people stating "Here me People of Albany! Today is the day we reunite! toady is the day we rebuild! Today is the beginning of the Free States of GEORGIA!!!!!". The speech rallied the people who Richard later noted saying that they had "Became One With Freedom". Richard began the rebuilding of the SSG by establishing a document which was in favor of all but African Americans. The document was actually simply the re-writing of the Confederate Constitution with numerous changes such as "all slave owners shall respect their living property and shall give them all good food, housing, clothing, and other luxuries given to himself". In a way, this appeased both sides, but Africans still felt as if they would go through the same hardships gone through during the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s. The time right after doomsday was not called the "Reconstruction" but "The Great Move of 83" which was when hundreds of survivors from near by communities headed towards the SSG. Not many of the African Americans that were moving towards SSG knew of is Slavery rule, some did but did not believe, others knew but went anyways because it was the closest place to a safe haven. One problem after Doomsday was its Neighbors in Alabama, the SSG knew they had to keep good relations with them or a war which would wipe them out would occur. When diplomats from the SSG arrived in New Montgomery, they where met with gracious hellos and welcomes, one diplomat noted that "They gave us many welcomes, offering us some wine or food; it was as if we were all brothers and sisters". The two nations signed a formal agreement to always look upon each other as brothers, this meant that the SSG would not have to worry about any wars between its neighbor.

The Night of Nine Knives

On the night February 14th, 1984, a group of African Americans propelled a rebellion in a small town called Bluffton, after capturing the town the Africans executed nine men, all of them who had treated them harshly. Richards called in the army, telling them to stomp out all resistance. The army was able to stop them by only sending in 14 men out of its 76 infantry group. This rebellion only made Richard stressed and he called to all slave owners telling them "If any Slave owner abuses it living property in any way, they shall be brought to justice!" This alone was enough to stop all his problems. But in February 19th, another rebellion took place, but unlike the last rebellion; these slaves had guns. The Africans took 16 people hostage, this did not upset Richard as much as to how the slaves got the weapons. Richard conference with Commander John Arbador "Steel" on what the plan would be and at 7:23 PM, the two began to inform other troops of it. The plan was: a squad of troops would distract the Africans while the other two would enter through the rear. At 3:31 AM, the plan was put into action, but there where problems. 1. The Africans had built ragged fortifications with whatever and many could not be penetrated for the troops where not armed with much heavy weaponry. 2. at least 40% of the Africans where in the building (the local High School) defending it, which made it harder for the main force, which would be fighting close combat once they entered. But despite this the troops where able to finally end the fight at 6:13 AM the next day.

Finding the Culprit

On March 2nd, a spy within New Montgomery's "White House" saw the President speaking to the Secretary of Defense. He heard in the middle of the discussion about a failed rebellion within the SSG, and heard quotes such as "Mr President, I'm not sure we should continue to arm these 'people', if they find out where arming them, then war could erupt".

The spy returned with the info safely, but that didn't stop Richard from yelling "Damn Them!!". Richard was now forced to either begin a unpopular war or seek out a compromise. On March 5th, Richard asked if they could come to a compromise, they accepted, knowing the cost of war, the two signed the Counter-Rebellion Act which stopped N.M. from arming any SSG rebels while the SSG would also mind its own businesses. With peace now in place, the nation could relax.....


Democratic Socialism


Strong army, at least 10,000, all trained, (this is an estimated guess made by the SIB or Socialist Information Branch)


562,000, 64% African American, 43% White, 3% other.




58% Roman Catholic, 40% Protestant, 2% other



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