The Socialist State of Newark is a Socialist democracy centered around much of the central region of what was once New Jersey.


Following the assassination of President Roosevelt and Vice-President on October 13th, 1935, much of the United States plunged into chaos as the Federal Government tried desperately to repair the terrible damage that has been done. On March 2nd, 1936, Texas seceded from the Union, with California following on April 9th, and later Boston on May 13th. The homeless in and around Newark, lead by Communist Benjamin Gitlow, felt that the revolution happening around the country will finally give the chance to thrive and prosper in a socialist state. So, on October 6th, 1936, the people of Newark revolted. Mayor Ellenstein and many of the City Council and Police force were killed. On October 25th, to correspond with the 19th anniversary of the October Revolution, the Socialist State of Newark was proclaimed, with Gitlow as its President. By 1938, much of Essex county was under Gitlow's red iron thumb. Wanting stability and prosperity in a time of poverty and chaos, the nearby counties of Union, Morris, Somerset and Middlesex all join Newark by 1942. Soon, Newark became a somewhat prosperous nation and many in the State felt their nation showed "the triumph of Socialism".


The Government is based on both the US model and Soviet model. Like the US, it is divided into an Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch. The Premier is the head of the executive branch, and is appointed by the Council for a term of eight years. The legislative branch is headed by the Council. The Council has 170 members, and elected from districts with equal populations around the State.

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