Socialist Party of the United States
Founded 1945
Preceded by Democratic Party, Socialist Party of America
Succeeded by Progressive Social Democratic Party (Republic of New England)
Ideology Social democracy, nationalism, Democratic Socialism, liberalism, progressivism
Political position Center-Left
International affiliation Socialist International
Official colours red, green
The Socialist Party of the United States is the second largest of the three main political parties in the United States of America, the other being the much stronger Conservative Party and the much weaker Moderate Party. Founded after the dissolution of the Democratic Party in 1945, the Socialist Party is generally perceived to be on the left of American politics, but very much center internationally. Party figures have been the Kennedy family, Dennis Kucinich (the current president of the United States), Tom Harkin, Lyndon Johnson, Edmund Muskie, Bill Clinton and Franklin Roosevelt.

Seven of the United States' 49 presidents have been members of the Socialist Party, and it currently holds a slight majority in both houses of congress.

There have been several attempts to disband the Socialist Party by Conservatives, as it's their main political rival, under the McCarthy Amendment, which outlaws political groups being too far to the left. No attempts to ban the party have been successful so far.

Since the secession of the Republic of New England and Republic of the Pacific (both Socialist strongholds when they were part of the United States) the Socialist Party has only been in power when the American public is disgusted with the Conservative Party, like after Jack Kemp embarrassed the nation internationally, or Sarah Palin unethically cheated her way into victory in the 2008 American presidential election.

In 2003, the Socialists absorbed the Progressive Party, one of the three political parties born by the collapse of the Democratic Party, (the other two being the Socialist Party and Moderate Party), and there have been offers by the SP to absorb the Moderate Party.

The logo of the Socialist Party features a blue rose on a red background, similar to that of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. However, the rose on the logo was originally supposed to be red, and the background of the rose was originally supposed to be blue. The logo designers mixed up the color palettes, making the rose blue and the background red. It was not noticed by the design company, but by Socialist Party members. It was going to be changed back, but Tom Harkin (who was president at the time) liked the logo as it was, reminding SP members that "a blue rose represents eternal love and happiness in literature". The logo was kept unchanged.