Pre-Asteroid Impact

Years before the asteroid hit, a group of men in Offaly, Ireland, decided that if the shadow of world war should come again, they should use the opportunity to create their own socialist society. They set out their plans on civil rights, police, military, everything that a society would need in a dangerous world. As war came about in 1939 and Ireland was not decimated, they stowed their plans away and continued on through their lives.

Asteroid Impact

When the asteroid hit, the West of Ireland was devastated by the tsunami that followed. The group of men met again about three days after the impact, and decided that their plan would have to go through after all. As Ireland collapsed due to the economic, social, and logistical strain of operating after a world-wide catastrophe, the men set up their socialist town in Offaly, where they began setting up.

Post-Asteroid Impact

Years after the asteroid, the Socialist Irish Republic as it was now known, was now a healthy, if not thriving, settlement that encompassed all of Offaly. The men, now middle-aged and wise, decided that a campaign of expansion was required. Creating an army that was armed with pikes, bows, and the very occasional firearm, they set their sights on their goal: the entire island of Ireland being under the SIR's control, perhaps even all of the British Isles, and maybe, just maybe, life being as good as it was, before the asteroid hit.

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