The Socialist International, Fifth Communist International or Second Comintern is an organization that exists to provide a sort of "club" for the remaining socialist countries around the world. It is separate from the USSR-led CSTO and has its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Despite its separation from the CSTO, all CSTO full members are also members of the Fifth Communist International. Yearly conferences are held in Addis Ababa or the capitals of other communist countries. The 2010 conference was held in Asmara, Eritrea between the 24th and 27th of June. No conference was held in 2011 due to no consensus on where the conference was to take place. The 2012 conference will be held in Cuba, in Nueva Gerona.

The organization came out of a desire to provide a coalition for socialist countries that either didn't want to be involved with the CSTO or it was impractical for them to become full member states. Noticeably the Socialist & Social Democrat parties in the SAC and ANZC were very unwilling to join an organisation run by Siberia but were more willing to co-operate with the African nations and other non-Siberian allies.

Unlike the previous Comintern, the Fifth International allows social democratic parties to be members as well as Social Democratic countries to join. The Fifth is meant to provide a place for all socialist parties and countries to discus politics and help other socialist governments around the world.


With its headquarters in Addis Ababa, the organization is primarily African, and most African socialist governments are part of it, there are two sections to the Fifth Communist International:

The first is the Socialist Council, which is a place for all socialist parties to discuss political issues and share ideas; it has no physical powern but is more of a place for organizations to discuss and lobby, although they can recommend things to the other sectionn which is the Socialist World Council.

The World Council consists of the socialist parties that are in government in various countries across the globe. Like the main council, it is primarily a place for the leaders of countries to talk and discuss issues. Howevern as the World Council contains parties in three of the world's major powersn and several regional powersn they also discuss how they can improve things like education and welfare in their countries, and how they can support weak countries.


The following political parties are all members of the Fifth Communist international:

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