Confederate Socialist States of America
Timeline: American Moral Peace
Preceded by 1920 — 1985 Succeeded by
Socialist Confederation of America Mississippi 2001 flag proposal
AMP Flag of the CSSA AMP Coat of arms of the CSSA
Flag Coat of Arms
AMP Location of the Confederate States of America
Former Location of Socialist Confederate

Proletariatus ex mundo, health (Latin)
("Sick people of the World, Unite!")

Anthem: "Solidarity Forever!"
Capital: Montgomery
Largest city: City of Mexico
English (de facto)
  other languages: Spanish, French
Religion: State Atheism
Ethnic groups:
Southern American, Mexican
  other: Incan
Type of government: Federal Marxist-Leninist single-party states
  government: Chamber of Councilors
Area: 1,408,260 
Population: 130,257,775 
Currency: Dollar (CSD)
by Donnie thorson CE writer c/o mn ept Human Services-writers after 1919 when events in the csa paralleled events in Russia a socialist gob came to power- slaves were taken fro private owners and made property of their states. with the 1919 spanish fluslaves were freed to Sequoyah and cuba to handle the epidemics their-when flu swept the rest of the csa slaves took over many functions for their sick masters- the ones whose masters were also their parents because only family and equality and mutual respect and gratitude can battle sickness after the flus last victim 7-4-26 the need for statemed vanished.

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