2010 United Kingdom
Social Liberal Party leadership election
8 May 2015 (2015-05-08) – 15 July 2015 (2015-07-15)
Candidate Jo Swinson Ed Davey Tim Farron
First preferences 20.5 36.7 27.1
Two-party-preferred vote 52.2 47.7

Candidate Norman Lamb
First preferences 15.7
Two-party-preferred vote

Incumbent Leader
Vince Cable

Jo Swinson

The 2015 Social Liberal leadership will be held on the 15th July 2015 following the resignation of Vince Cable as party leader, citing the party's poor showing at the 2015 general election.


Ed Davey, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament for Kingston, Putney and Wimbledom

Tim Farron, former Party President, former Minister in the Environment Office and Member of Parliament for Cumbria

Jo Swinson, former Minister in the Foreign Office and Member of Parliament for Renfrewshire, Interclyde and Dunbartonshire

Norman Lamb, former Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Norfolk


Despite only coming in third place in the first count Jo Swinson won the election as a result of obtaining more transfers from eliminated candidates and thus becoming the first female leader of the Social Liberals.

Social Liberal Party Leadership Election Results
Candidate Number of Votes Percentage Of Votes Second Round Votes Second Round Percentage Third Round Votes Third Round Percentage
Jo Swinson 12,321 20.5 19,345 32.1 31,445 52.2 Elected
Ed Davey 22,132 36.7 22,456 37.3 28,780 47.7 Eliminated
Tim Farron 16,321 27.1 18,424 30.6 Eliminated
Norman Lamb 9,451 15.7 Eliminated

Deputy Leadership Election

2010 United Kingdom
Social Liberal Party deputy leadership election
16 July 2015 (2015-07-16) – 18 July 2015 (2015-07-18)
Candidate Julian Huppert Lynne Featherstone Bob Russell
First preferences 30 32 21
Two-party-preferred vote 57 56

Candidate John Hemming Lorely Burt Tessa Munt
First preferences 12 11 7
Two-party-preferred vote

Incumbent Deputy Leader
Malcom Bruce

Deputy Leader-elect
Julian Huppert

Following the election of a new leader the Party's MPs will elect a new deputy leader, owing to the incumbent deputy leader, Malcolm Bruce, having stood down from Parliament at the previous election.


Lynne Featherstone, Member of Parliament for Member of Parliament for Haringey and Hackney, and 2010 leadership contender

Julian Huppert, Member of Parliament for Cambridgeshire

Bob Russell, Member of Parliament for Essex North, and former Culture Minister

John Hemming, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Southeast

Lorely Burt, Member of Parliament for Coventry and Solihullm and former Minister in the Business and Innovation Office

Tessa Munt, Member of Parliament for Suffolk


Social Liberal Party Deputy Leadership Election Results
Candidate Number of Votes Percentage Of Votes Second Round Votes Second Round Percentage Third Round Votes Third Round Percentage Fourth Round Votes Fourth Round Percentage Fifth Round Votes Fifth Round Percentage
Julian Huppert 30 26.5 31 27.4 33 29.2 41 36.3 57 50.4 Elected
Lynne Featherstone 32 28.3 33 29.2 36 31.9 42 37.2 56 49.6 Eliminated
Bob Russell 21 18.6 22 19.5 26 23.0 30 26.5 Eliminated
Lorely Burt 11 9.7 14 12.4 18 15.9 Eliminated
John Hemming 12 10.6 13 11.5 Eliminated
Tessa Munt 7 6.2 Eliminated

The election was narrowly won by Julian Huppert on the fifth round of voting having closely trailed Lynne Featherstone throughout the previous four rounds.

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