The 2007 Social Liberal Party leadership election was held following the resignation of Menzies Campbell and resulted in a victory for Chris Huhne.

2006 United Kingdom 2010
Social Liberal Party leadership election
28 November 2007 (2007-11-28) – 20 December 2007 (2007-12-20)
Candidate 'Chris Huhne' Nick Clegg Simon Hughes
First preferences 38.91% 34.12% 16.91%
Two-party-preferred vote 50.00% 48.52%

Candidate Vince Cable
First preferences 10.05%
Two-party-preferred vote

Previous Leader
Menzies Campbell

Chris Huhne


Following the resignation of Charles Kennedy as leader of the Party the previous year Menzies Campbell assumed the leadership, however there was a widespread belief within the party that a younger leader would be needed for the party to win the next election.

As a result of these tensions a vote of no confidence in Campbell's leadership was held amongst the parties Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Senate in September 2007 and whilst the vote was defeated it was not defeated by a wide enough margin for Campbell to avoid the runoff election which the Party's constitution required to be held.

Whilst Campbell initially intended to contest the party-wide vote, with many prominent frontrunners in the race pledging not to stand against him, he ultimately decided to step aside after many of the parties Members of Parliament continued to question the party's ability to win the next election under his leadership.

Social Liberal Party Confidence Vote Results
Candidate Number of Votes
Menzies Campbell 274
New Leader 236
Abstentions 3


Chris Huhne, Environment Minister and Member of Parliament for Greater Southampton

Nick Clegg, Minister for the Home Office, and Member of Parliament for Sheffield and Rotherham

Simon Hughes, Deputy Prime Minister, President of the Social Liberal Party and Member of Parliament for Bermondsey, Peckham and Greenwich

Vince Cable, Minister for Finance and Member of Parliament for Twickenham and Ealing


Social Liberal Party Leadership Election Results
Candidate Number of Votes Percentage Of Votes Second Round Votes Second Round Percentage Third Round Votes Third Round Percentage
Chris Huhne 33,413 38.91 33,524 39.03 42,934 50.00 Elected
Nick Clegg 29,302 34.12 32,873 38.28 41,667 48.52 Eliminated
Simon Hughes 14,522 16.91 18,204 21.20 Eliminated
Vince Cable 8,634 10.05 Eliminated

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