Previous-Hitler dies in Accident

The Social Democrats, under the leadership of Paul Lobe, have taken control of Germany. This angers the Soviets, who were certain that the Communists would take control. The new German government (wary of Soviet aggression) sets up a loose political alliance of Germany, Poland, Finland, and the Baltic States. The Social Democrats demand that the Soviet Union use free trade when making any economic deal with a member of its alliance. At every turn, Paul Lobe seems to be purposely infuriating the Soviet Union. By 1939, the Soviets have had enough. They want to deliver a quick blow to Germany by absorbing one of its eastern puppets.

But which one puppet do the Soviets absorb?

Invade the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia)

Invade Poland

Invade Finland

Eastward Expansion 13:04, July 22, 2010

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