Social Democrats
Leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Founded 1871
Youth wing Social Democratic Youth of Scandinavia
Membership  (2011) 340,000
Ideology Social democracy
Third Way
Democratic socialism
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation Socialist International
Official colors Red
The Social Democratic Labour Party (Danish: Socialdemokratiet Arbejderpartiet), usually referred as the Social Democrats (Danish: Socialdemokraterne), is a social-democratic political party in Scandinavia. It has been the governing party of Scandinavia in a minority government since 2011 parliamentary election, with party leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt as Prime Minister. It is one of the three major parties in Scandinavia, along with the Agrarian Party and the Radical Venstre.

Founded by Louis Pio in 1871, the party first entered the Folketing in 1884. It first formed a government in 1924 under Hjalmar Branting in a coalition with the Radicals. The first Social Democratic majority government, led by Thorvald Stauning, was created in 1929. During Stauning's government, the Social Democrats exerted a profound influence on Scandinavian society, laying the foundation of the Scandinavian welfare state.

The Social Democrats' position has a theoretical base within Marxist revisionism. Its party program interchangeably calls their ideology democratic socialism, or social democracy, though few high-level representatives have invoked socialism since Olof Palme. The party supports social welfare provision paid for from progressive taxation. The party supports a social corporatist economy involving the institutionalization of a social partnership system between capital and labor economic interest groups, with government oversight to resolve disputes between the two factions.