The Social Democratic Party of Austria (German: Socialdemocratisch Partei Österriech), also referred to as SPÖ, is an Austrian center-left, social democratic party. It is currently out of power and is the official Opposition to the governing People's Alliance. The Social Democrats have existed since the 1880s and are the oldest extant party in Austria, although other parties trace their roots back to other parties that predate the SPÖ. The current leader of the party is Werner Faymann.

The SPÖ was dominant in the early postwar Austria, in particular under the Chancelleries of Bruno Pittermann from 1959-1966 and Bruno Kreisky from 1971-1983. Following the victory of Alois Mock and the People's Alliance (VA) in the 1983 election, the SPÖ remained in the minority until 1994, their longest period of minority in history. The SPÖ defeated the VA in 1994 behind Franz Vranitzky and formed a majority government, only their third in history, who would serve until his own defeat in 2003 by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the VA. Since 2010, the SPÖ has been led by Werner Faymann.

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