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The assassination of Hitler soon after he became the Chancellor of Germany threw the political scene into chaos, and a new election was called by President Hindenburg for May. The election, the fourth in two years, was the one with the lowest turnout, but perhaps the most intense campaign. The Nazi's, lead by the acclaimed leader Hermann Göring and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) leader Otto Wels were the two front runners. However, Göring was unable to maintain the support Hitler had, and, while Wels wasn't a great candidate, the SA and the Nazi's thuggish tactics began to become annoying and even ineffective. The election was very close, but the SPD managed to eke out a close minority. The horse trading that followed had the third and fourth parties, the Communist and Centre parties, allowed Wels to form a majority and come to power, with Hindenburg's grudging approval.

The SPD now has multiple problems to take care of, such as rampant unemployment, the Nazi storm troopers that roam the streets and the continuing "injustice" of Versailles. What does Chancellor Wels do?

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