Социал-демократическая Лига Евразия (Sotsial-demokraticheskaya Liga Yevraziya)
Socialdemokratia Ligo de Eŭrazio
Red flag

Red Flag

Main working languages Russian and Esperanto
Headquarters Executive Committee Helsinki (Finland) 1925-1926, Talinn (Estonia) 1926 to date
Establishment 1925

The Social-Democratic League of Eurasia (SDLE) is a regional organization of socialist and labour parties of Eastern Europe and Asia.

The SDLE was created in 1924 has a coordinating body of the Russian Menshevik party, The Bund and similar political groups of former Russian Empire. Its purpose was to gather the groups in exile or working underground after the Russian revolution and Civil War and the allowed Menshevik groups in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Transcaucasia.

It its first congress it called to form a critical opposition to the Bolsheviks, creaton of kehilas, establishment of socialist legality and freedom of expression and assembly. After the Transcaussian crisis (1926-1927), where Mensheviks where invited to form part of the government, it became common, at least in Belarus and Ukraine, the formation of proletarian unity governments.

The organization of the SDLE consists an annual assembly, that elects Executive Committee. The SDLE is affiliated to the Labour and Socialist International.

It publishes a theoretical journal, Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik (The Socialist Messenger), and newspaper Novaya Zhizn (New Life). The Bund edits, auspiced by the SDLE, Der yidisher arbeyter (The Jewish Worker) in Yiddish.

Members of the SDLE

  • Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party
  • Ukrainian Social Democratic Labour Party
  • Belarus Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • Turkestan Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • Transcaucasia Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • Estonian Socialist Workers' Party -1925
  • Lavian Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • Lithuanian Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • General Jewish Labour Bund (Russia)
  • General Jewish Labour Bund (Belarus)
  • General Jewish Labour Bund (Ukraine)
  • General Jewish Labour Bund (Lithuania)
  • United Organization of Workers' Associations and Support Groups to the Bund Abroad
  • Association of Russian Social-Democrats Abroad

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