The USA failed to get its act together. No state was willing to pay for Louisiana and eventually the states went their own ways, some fading away, and some forming their own alliances.

The U.S. Falls Apart

Many of the states did not like the new Constitution. They thought that it was too centralized and opted for more autonomy and the abolition of the three different branches of government out of fear that they could collide and cause problems in the future. The premature government ignored the cries of the states and Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and North Carolina all seceded. A few years later, more states left the United States, and the last state that was left was Virginia.

American War of Secession

The American War of Secession was the war that followed the Secession of Georgia, the last state to withdraw from the United States. Virginia became furious and declared war on the other 12 states. The war was multi-sided as every single state wanted to take over the others. South Carolina invaded its neighbors Georgia and North Carolina as soon as Virginia declared war. North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina had more or less the same views on the Union debate, and they surrendered without much of a fight. South Carolina proclaimed a Carolinian republic, with its capital in Columbia and great autonomy for all the states. Virginia swallowed up Maryland and Delaware, and Massachusetts destroyed New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey were still locked in bloody conflict. The British noticed the war and started to send groups of militia to carry out raids against the colonies, but they failed to organize an effective campaign. Many of the British colonists just outside the border of the former USA started to go into border towns and loot houses and wreck up the place afterward, since many have evacuated and many others have gone to fight the war for their state. At the end of the conflict, the capitals and large cities of many states were almost entirely burned, and the people were weary, but four main blocks of power emerged after the signing of the peace treaty at New York. The Carolinian republic in the South, Virginia to the north, Pennsylvania (including NY and NJ) north of Virginia, and Massachusetts (incorporated states mentioned above) in the far north. The British however, got the unorganized territory North of Virginia.

After the American War Secession

Many states ceased to exist after the American War of Succession.


North America

  1. Texas
  2. Alta
  3. Pennsylvania

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