His life

It is unknown (like most |onteli) when he was born. It is known, however, that he was a continuation of a tradition of diverse origins. His mother a Hunanese, his grandfather a Dutchman, and his grand-mother a native of Kunene, he was raised in a multicultural environment. He spent most of his free time, like most children in Kunene, learning from one teacher or another how to read. He, differed from the rest, and made constant visits to the Great Library, and studied the arts. He achieved prominence in 1573 after his published his first painting, Marakoha with the snake.

Description of Works

So focused mostly on Gara-n mythology. His paintings often include Marakoha. He does however, on occasion paint a scene or two from a historical context.


Here are his paintings:

Marakoha with the Snake

Marakoha 1

A painting of Marakoha playing with a snake. Snakes are considered dangerous, and therefore it adds to the sensation of power of Marakoha.

Finished in 1573.

Mon Judgment

Marakoha 2
In Gara-n mythology, it is said that the three goddesses were bickering over who was the most beautiful. They employed Mon to tell them who was the most beautiful. He chose Marakoha.

Finished in 1575.

Mon Judgment II

Marakoha 3
Another depiction of the Mon Judgment.

Finished in 1579.


So Kuneneli- Cleopatra
A depiction of Cleopatra with her lover IVLIVS CAESAR. So Kuneneli became inspired to paint this painting after reading about Cleopatra, and other Egyptian monarchy in the Great Library.

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