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A statue of Snorri in Bykle, Vinland.

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< Predecessor: Thorfinn I <–– Second King of Vinland ––> Successor: Amund I >

King of Vinland from 1023 - 1059 (Assisted by Hanne Reinert until 1026)


Born in 1012, he was considered the first person the be born in Vinland. After his father's death in 1023, he became King of Vinland. But of course, since he was 10 years old he was assisted by Hanne Reinert, who was 20 at the time. Hanne lived to help Amund, Snorri's son, when he became king.

Snorri was considered a ceremonial king, because Vinland was a colony of Norway when he became King. He was pro Vinlandic Independence, but couldn't argue due to Vinland having a high Norwegian population at the time.

He was considered a great king by the public, and many think it was because he had to manage four colonies hundreds of miles away from each other.

Snorri died from old age in 1059, and his son Amund took his place.