Viking statue in Helluland

A statue of Snorri II in Helluland

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King of Vinland from 1102 - 1129


After his father's death in 1102, King Snorri II, named after King Snorri I, took the Vinlandic throne at the age of 14. He didn't have to be trained or taken care of by anyone, because he was old enough to do it himself. Due to his old age, he was raised entirely by his father, which gave him very independent ideals.

On October 30, 1107, he raised an army of pro-independents and attacked the city of Oslo. 136 people were killed in a bloody battle known as the Battle of Oslo. After the battle, the Norwegians attacked back on Vinlandic soil, in their capital of Kysten Byen. These attacks and battles continued until the final battle, the Battle of Helldal, ended it all. 433 Norwegians died, while only 32 Vinlanders did. The Norwegians surrendered because they were too weak to go on.

Snorri II went on to enjoy a life of luxury, being the first King of an independent Vinland. 85% of the population loved him for it, while a small percentage wanted him dead. He ended up living a full life, drafting new laws to help and promote Vinland as a better country. Most people consider him a good king.