Snake River Confederacy
Timeline: American City-States

Peace, Justice, Liberty (English)

Anthem "Sweet Idaho"
Capital Boise
Largest city Boise
Other cities Idaho Falls, Ontario, Twin Falls, Pocatello
  others Spanish, Basque, Swedish
  others Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist
Ethnic Groups
American, Native
  others Mexican
Demonym Idahoan, Snake, Potatohead
Government Confederated Republic
  legislature Senate
President Dick Cheney
Population 7,000,000 
Established July 4, 1939
Independence from Provisional States of Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming
  declared July 4, 1939
  recognized July 4, 1939
Currency Idahoan Dollar
Time Zone Central, Pacific


The Snake River Confederacy had its roots in the Successionist movements in Idaho and Oregon that had grown enormously after the 1935 breakup of the US. While many groups, such as Virginia, Las Vegas, etc. declared independence immediately, much of the West and Northwest simply established provisional governments. In fact, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Montana all carried on like business as usual, as most political issues there were internal, and none of them had much influence, anyway. However, as bush wars in California and Texas began to filter up, and with Commonwealth forces massing on the northern border, the provisional governments realized that actions needed to be taken to ensure America's survival. After a short debate, all the provisional governments agreed that Idaho, eastern Oregon, and parts of Wyoming would go to an Idahoan government, while the Willamette and Washington would go to a Washington-based nation. On July 4th, 1939, both nations declared independence from the US.

Conflict with the Federation and the founding of Clearwater

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