Previous - Killer attempts to assassinate Himmler (CYOAH)

"You know Heinrich, we can still be friends" John says, tossing the knife asunder "I know about your enemies, and you know of mine, if we were to say, have an agreement we could rid ourselves of those pesky anti-Nazi's forever, and then who could challenge us? Nobody, that's who! So what do you say Heinrich, rule Europe unchallenged, or have them send another assassin, and have you dead by next Tuesday?"

"Hmmm," Himmler thinks this over for a few minutes, until he lowers his gun and reaches his hand out to John "You have a deal, my friend!" John, however, grabs Himmler's gun out of its holster, and kills him without a second thought. The authorities arrive, and John engages in a firefight with them throughout the hotel. Eventually, he escapes to the anti-Nazi's hideout where, to the shock of all, they turn him in to the police, where he is tried, and hung. The Nazi party has collapsed, and most of its members are either killed or retire from politics, Hermann Göring, the last hope for the Nazi's, in an attempt to bring order to the party, is nearly killed in a car accident, going into a coma, all but removing the last hope for the Nazi's.

The German government remains in shambles, and soon the entire country of Germany descends into anarchy. With the failed Nazi movement in Germany, Benito Mussolini decided that fascism and socialism could not work out, and so created a Communist dictatorship. Thousands of fleeing Germans entered Italy, which was initially good for the economy, but after a few years, it became apparent the ex-German peoples were putting a strain on the economy. This eventually led to the fracturing of Italy (again) France remained a Capitalist country, and so did not fall into anarchy, though famines swept through the nation in 1931, killing tens of thousands.

This was what Joseph Stalin had been waiting for! He struck Eastern Europe like a freight train, and continued on like one, forming a Communist alliance with Southern Italy, and killing the anarchist tribes that Germany and Northern Italy had devolved into. By 1935, the United Kingdom was the last free nation of Europe, and called upon the United States for help. At the same time, Northern Africa and the Middle East were being conquered by the Soviet Union. FDR, though in the midst of the Great Depression, and against overwhelming odds, ordered a massive draft the likes of which the United States had never seen before; Ten million soldiers, nearly half of everyone who was unemployed at the time, were trained for war. Meanwhile, millions more got working on the things war requires; weapons, ammunition, jeeps, spam, uniforms etc. The US economy flared up like fire in a propane store, becoming the superpower the world needed.

American troops are sent to the UK and Africa, though the US holdings in the Pacific are lightly protected, what does the Empire of Japan do?

Jazon Naparleon 18:36, August 7, 2010 (UTC)

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