Kingdom of Slovenia
Kraljestvo Slovenija
— Subdivision of United States of Greater Austria
Timeline: Austria and others

OTL equivalent: Slovenia
Flag of Slovenia 1916
Flag of Kingdom of Slovenia
Capital Laibach
Largest city Laibach
Other cities Maribor, Kranj, Ptuj, Seisenberg
  others German, Italian, Croatian.
Vulpine paganism
  others Roman Catholicism
Ethnic groups
  others German, Croatian
Government Monarchy
Area 20,273 km²
Population 600,000 
Established 1916
Admission 1916
Currency Krone
Slovenia, officially the Kingdom of Slovenia (Slovene: Kraljestvo Slovenija), is a semi-independent country in Central Europe touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. Slovenia borders Venice on the west, the Adriatic Sea on the southwest, Croatia-Slavonia on the south and east, Istria in the south, Hungary on the northeast, and German Austria on the north. The capital and largest city of Slovenia is Laibach. For nearly 1,000 years, Slovenia has been influenced by its neighbouring countries, particularly Venice, German Austria and Croatia-Slavonia as its geographic position lies at the crossroads of Germanic, Latin and Slavic cultures. It is part of the United States of Greater Austria.

Slovenia covers an area of 20,273 sq km and has a population of 2.06 million. Around 40% of Slovenia's land mass is elevated land - mostly in the form of mountains and plateaus -which is located in the interior regions of the country. The highest point of Slovenia is the 2864 metre (9396 ft.) high Mount Triglav. The majority of the population speaks Slovene, which is also the country's official language. Other local official languages are German, Croatian and Italian.

Slovenia is a member of the European Union, the Eurozone, the Schengen area, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe, NATO, UNESCO, WTO, OECD and UN. Per capita, it is the richest Slavic nation-state, and is 85.5% of the EU27 average GDP (PPP) per capita.

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