Slovak Republic
Slovenská Republika
Timeline: Tiara

OTL equivalent: CSlovakia, Moravia, Subcarpathia, Burgenland, Transdanubia, Northern Hungary
Flag of Slovakia Coat of Arms of Slovakia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Slovak Republic
Anthem "Nad tatrou sa blýska"
Capital Nitrta
Largest city Prešporok
Other cities Košice, Užgorod,Brno,Blatnohrad, Turčiansky Svatý Martin, Ráb
  others Ruthenian, German, Moravian, Hungarian.
Roman Catholic
  others Greek Catholic,Eastern Orthodox,Lutheran
Ethnic Group Slovak, Ruthenian, German, Moravian, Hungarian
Demonym Slovak
Government Parliamentary Republic
  legislature Slavonian National Assembly
(WIP) km²
  water (%) (WIP)
  per capita {{{gdp_capita}}}
Currency Slovak koruna
Time Zone CET (UTC+01)
  summer CEST (UTC+02)

Slovakia is a country in centrla Europe bordering Germany to the west, Slavonia  and  Hungary to the south,Romania  to the southeast and Poland(Tiara) to the north.


The kingdom of Slovakia existed until 1526, when it was conquered by Rumelian Turks. Since then, Slovaks in the highlands continued to fight the enemy.

The kingdom was restored in 1694, when the Rumelians were expelled.


Slovakia is divided into župas (Counties).

  1. Prešpurská
  2. Nitranská
  3. Trenčianska
  4. Hontianska
  5. Tekovska
  6. Zvolenská
  7. Fatranská
  8. Spišská
  9. Šarišská
  10. Zemplínska
  11. Abovská
  12. Hevešská
  13. Boršodská
  14. Novohradská
  15. Gemerská.

In addition, there are three relatively autonomous regions:

  • Moravia
  • Panonia
  • Ruthenia.


The largest minority is the Ruthenian, living in Carpathian Ruthia and adjacent regions in OTL Prešov county. Along with their brethren in neighbouring Poland,  they enjoy a relativelly high degree of autonomy.

The Germany are present in OTL Burgenland, Moravia and Spiš county.They form some 3% of the population.

The Hungarians are far less present than in OTL. They live near the borders of Hungary.

The Moravians and Slovyaks are ethnicities considered as integral part of the Slovak nation by the Slovak nationalists, and often are called as regional identities.

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