Slovenská republika
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1939–1945 Flag of Czechoslovakia.svg
Flag of First Slovak Republic 1939-1945.svg Coat of Arms of the First Slovak Republic.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Verní sebe, svorne napred!

"Faithful to Ourselves, Together Ahead!"

"Hej, Slováci"

Hey, Slovaks

Slovakia during World War II.
Capital Bratislava
Official language Slovak
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Single-party republic
 - 1939–1944 Jozef Tiso
 - 1944–1945 Ferdinand Ďurčanský
Prime Minister
 - 1939–1943 Vojtech Tuka
 - 1943–1944 Ferdinand Ďurčanský
 - 1944–1945 Ján Ševčík
 - Independence declared 14 March 1939
 - Collapse of the republic 4 April 1945
 - 1940 est. 2,653,053 
Today part of Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Poland Poland

The (First) Slovak Republic (Slovak: [prvá] Slovenská republika) otherwise known as the Slovak State (Slovak: Slovenský štát) was a client state of Nazi Germany which existed between 14 March 1939 and 4 April 1945. It controlled the majority of the territory of present-day Slovakia, but without its current southern and eastern parts, which then formed part of Hungary. The Republic bordered Germany, the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Poland – and subsequently the General Government (German-occupied remnant of Poland) – and Hungary.

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