Slovak Republic
Slovenská republika
Flag of First Slovak Republic 1939-1945.svg Coat of Arms of Slovakia.svg
Motto"Faithful to ourselves, together ahead."
AnthemLightning Over the Tatras
Slovakia in Axis Triumph.png
Official languages Slovak
Demonym Slovak, Slovakian
Government Clerico-fascist republic
 -  President Jozef Tiso
 -  Declaration 14 March 1939 
 -   estimate 2,700,000 
Currency Koruna

The Slovak Republic (Slovak: Slovenská republika), also called the Slovak State, was a fascist client state of Nazi Germany ruling over the majority of ethnic Slovakia. However, parts of the country were under occupation by Hungary. The Slovak State was recognized by Germany and several other states including the Provisional Government of the Republic of China, Croatia, El Salvador, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Lithuania, Manchukuo, Mengjiang, Romania, the Soviet Union, Spain, Switzerland, and Vatican City.

During World War II, the Slovak Republic aided Nazi Germany militarily, sending forces to fight in its invasion of Poland and later in Operation Barbarossa. Slovakia became more independent of German influence after the war ended in an Axis victory, and went on to become a notable member of the Axis Powers. Many ethnic Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians fled to Slovakia after the war as their homeland was ruled by Nazi puppet states that were committing genocide and not doing anything to help the quickly deteriorating living conditions. Many also fled to Montenegro.




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