Sky Nadast
Timeline: Great Empires

Sky Nadast
Portrait of Sky Nadast

Serasai of the Sendi Order
1105 – present

Predecessor Fay Duneway

President of the United Planets
1101 ABC – 1106 ABC

Predecessor Palatine Venalis
Successor Palatine Venalis
Born 1076 ABC (aged 37)
Homeworld Sendac
Species Chrelytian/Human
Affiliation Sendi Order
United Planets
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Religion The Force
Sky Nadast is the Serasai (Grand Master) of the Sendi Order. He was also president of the United Planets from 1101 ABC to 1106 ABC. Sky is a descendant of Zane Nadast, who is in turn a descendant of Anakin Skylighter.