Sky Nadast
Timeline: Great Empires

Sky Nadast
Portrait of Sky Nadast

Serasai of the Sendi Order
1105 – present

Predecessor: Fay Duneway

President of the United Planets
1101 ABC – 1106 ABC

Predecessor: Palatine Venalis
Successor: Palatine Venalis
Born: 1076 ABC (aged 37)
Homeworld: Sendac
Species: Chrelytian/Human
Affiliation: Sendi Order
United Planets
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Religion: The Force
Sky Nadast is the Serasai (Grand Master) of the Sendi Order. He was also president of the United Planets from 1101 ABC to 1106 ABC. Sky is a descendant of Zane Nadast, who is in turn a descendant of Anakin Skylighter.

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