SkyTrain is a light rail rapid transit system operated by TransLink in the Greater Sahalee area that serves Sahalee, Miller and Nansett Counties. There are currently three lines in operation - the Blue Line, opened in 1995, which connects Sahalee-Davis International Airport to downtown Kirktown via downtown Sahalee; the Red Line, opened in 1999, which initially serviced downtown Sumner to downtown Wamash via downtown Sahalee and Fraser; and in 2002, the Green Line opened, connecting Kirktown to Coquitlam on the same right-of-way as the Blue Line west of Sahalee. In 2008, a long-anticipated extension of the Blue Line south to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal was completed, with the Blue Line shifting to a downtown-to-Tsawwassen only schedule with the Green Line assuming full movement on the Kirktown right-of-way. In 2012, an extension of the Red Line to downtown Meridian was completed as well to coincide with a major expansion of the Sahalee Central Station.

Blue Line


The Blue Line was first conceived upon the approval of the construction of a light rail rapid transit system by the then-Pacifica State Transit Authority (PSTA) in 1987. It was initially conceived as exclusively connecting downtown Sahalee to Sahalee International Airport near Tsawwassen, and thus the plans for the Skybridge were put into place. In 1989, however, voters in Sahalee and Nansett County narrowly approved a sales tax increase of 0.5% in those two areas to connect downtown Kirktown, then undergoing a commercial and residential real estate revitilization as the waterfront on False Creek was remade, with downtown Sahalee.

Eventually, the determination was made in 1990 by then-PSTA Chairman Spencer Duke that the PSTA would combine two lines, creating a connection from the airport to Kirktown via Sahalee, thus connecting what were then three of the most important centers in the region. The airport-downtown segment had already begun construction in 1989, but the Kirktown-Sahalee segment began construction in 1991 and was finished in November of 1995 as the SkyTrain was christened and opened to the public.

In 2008, with the opening of the Tsawwassen North and the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal Stations, the Blue Line ceased operations west of Sahalee on the North Bank for the first time since it was opened in 1995, now exclusively serving areas between the Sahalee Downtown Transit Plaza and the ferry terminal, or the south leg of the original Blue Line.


The Blue Line begins in downtown Sahalee at Platform A of the Sahalee Downtown Transit Plaza, which is its western terminus. From there, it continues underground to Columbia-3rd Station, from where it crosses the Skybridge across the Fraser River and continues for a mile until it reaches Central Southbank Station, roughly between Fraser Village and Duccala, and then has two stops in South Sahalee - one at east-west arterial Naples Avenue (Naples Station) and another near Wires, at 17th-Susqueham Station.

It leaves Sahalee and travels west, with a stop at Mud Bay-Burns Bog Recreational Areas along SR-5 and then with two additional stops at Delta Station at the south end of Delta by the shopping center and then with two stops at Sahalee-Davis International Airport - one across the departures dropoff from Terminal A (Airport Terminal A Station) and one by the parking garage and Airport Hilton adjacent to Terminal B (Airport Terminal B Station). For thirteen years, this was the terminus of Blue Line - in 2008, however, it was extended to turn sharply south from here until it reached Tsawwassen North, where it stopped along the north side of SR-10, and then followed SR-10 out onto an elevated bridge to its current terminus along the north side of the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, where it is connected to the ferry terminal's marketplace via a pedestrian bridge.

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