Sixth War
Maximum Systema
World War V Collage (A World of Difference)
Left to right
First row: Yorkish troops in London, Italian artillery outside Marseilles, the ruins of Lisbon after Catalon bombing raids, Nordic forces retreating from the disaster of Berlin, Korean-Japanese forces in Tibet, New English soldiers in Amazonia

Second row: Retreating Vinlandic soldiers at Sergeygrad, Austrian Stuka dive bombers heading to Rome, a Tibetan gunner test at Chongqing, Helsinki on fire, Frankish bombers over Kiev, the Atlantean Navy combating the Vietnamese in the Oriental Ocean
Third row: Russian soldier signifying the end of the Battle of Tsaritsyn, the Atlantean Navy outside the Sandwich Islands, Austrian troops patrolling France in late 1936, Amazonian forces attacking New Derbyshire, Tibetan forces fleeing Shanghai, Atlantean general Carter Dalton signing the Vietnamese Article of Surrender.

Date 1931 - 1937
Location All continents
Status over
Grand Alliance

Federal Atlantean Republic
Tsardom of Russia
Empire of Korea


Socialist Compact

Union of Frankish Boursier Republics
Italian Socialist Republic
People's Republic of York
Democratic Republic of Tibet
Socialist Republic of Catalonia
Federal People's Republic of New England
Vinlandic Union
Empire of Vietnam

Commanders and leaders
David Cooper

Alexei III
Iosif Dzugashvili
Gyeong Suk of Korea
Atl of Amazonia

Dominique de Corre

Vittorino Albani
Bryan Dashell
Chodak Jinpa
Bernat Porra
Henry Bedford
Erik Vollan
Nguyen Do Ponh