Six Flags New Orleans (SFNO) is an theme park in New Orleans, Louisiana, that first opened in May 2000 as "Jazzland" and is currently owned by Six Flags Inc. The park is located in Eastern New Orleans, off Interstate 10. It has campgrounds, a water park, and an on-site, lodge themed hotel and resort, a youth sports complex, a movie studio/backlot catering to the needs of various production companies filming in the New Orleans area, and fast food restaurants nearby.

Post Hurricane Katrina Revitalization

In 2005, the park was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. In 2006 and 2007, Six Flags worked hard to clean up and refurbish the park. In 2008 Six Flags New Orleans reopened after a two year hiatus to refurbish the park.

In 2008, Six Flags New Orleans had its grand reopening.

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