Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (formerly known as Six Flags Marine World, Marine World, The New Marine World Theme Park, and Marine World Africa USA) is a 135 acres theme and water park located in Vallejo, California. The park includes a variety of roller coasters and other amusement rides. The park had a collection of animal exhibits and shows, but they were removed in 2013 due to the park wanting to focus more on rides. It has been part of the Six Flags chain of amusement parks since 1999. In 2014, a water park was added to the park.

Rides and attractions

Roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Opened Model Name
DeJa Vu

(OTL) Boomerang: Coast to Coaster

Vekoma 1998 Boomerang

Batman: The Ride (OTL) Kong

Vekoma 1998 SLC (689m Standard)
Roar: Steel Coaster Rocky Mountain Coasters 2015 A wood/steel hybrid roller coaster

(OTL) Medusa

Bolliger & Mabillard 2000 Floorless Coaster
Catwoman's Whip

(OTL) V2: Vertical Velocity

Intamin 2001 Twisted Impulse Coaster
Marvin the Martian's Space Chase

(OTL) Cobra

Zierer 2000 Tivoli - Large
Roadrunner Express Zamperla 1999 Family Gravity Coaster 80STD; located in Looney Tunes Seaport
Superman: Ultimate Flight Premier Rides 2012 Sky Rocket II
Tony Hawk's Big Spin

(OTL) The Joker (at Six Flags Mexico)

Gerstlauer 2008

(OTL) removed in 2012

Spinning Coaster model 380/4

Thrill rides

Name Manufacturer Opened Type

Goliath Chaos Coaster

(OTL) Dare Devil Chaos Coaster

Larson International 2015 22m Giant Loop


Huss Rides 1998 Top Spin
Tazmanian Devil Huss Rides 1999 A standard Huss Frisbee ride themed to Taz.

Hammerhead Shark

Zamperla 1998

Vallejo SkyScreamer (OTL) SkyScreamer

Funtime 2011 150 foot tall Star Flyer

Family rides

Name Manufacturer Opened Type
Boardwalk Bumper Buggies 1998 Bumper cars

 The Ark

1998 swinging ship


(OTL) Scat-A-Bout

1999 Scrambler

Yosemite Sam's Cowboy Business

(OTL) Monkey Business

1998 Teacups ride

Thrilla Magilla Gorilla

(OTL) Thrilla Gorilla


Water rides

Name Manufacturer Opened Type

Bugs Bunny's Safari Rapids

(OTL) White Water Safari

Intamin 1999 River rapids ride
Monsoon Falls Intamin 1999 Spillwater water ride
Tsunami Soaker Mack Rides 2014 Twist 'n' Splash

Kiddie rides

Looney Tunes Seaport

Looney Tunes Seaport (formerly Popeye's Seaport from 1997 through 1998)
  • Acme Fun Factory – A large indoor play structure where children and their parents can shoot foam balls at targets or each other; opened in 1997, removed in 2012.
  • Pepe Le Pew's Rafts of Romance – Small tea cup ride; opened in 1997.
  • Elmer's Weather Balloons (Zamperla Samba Balloons)- A circular ride where kids can spin their cars while the ride changes elevation; opened in 1997.
  • Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce (Zamperla Jumpin' Star) – A children's drop ride; opened in 1999.
  • Bug Bunny Buccaneer (OTL) Bugs Buccaneer - (Sartori kiddie swinging ship); opened in 1999.
  • Tornado Taz (OTL) Taz's Typhoon (Zamperla Lolly Swing) – A children's version of the swing ride; opened in 1997.
  • Daffy Diver (OTL) Daffy's Deep Sea Dive (Zamperla Crazy Sub) – A yellow submarine where kids and their parents experience quick ascents and sudden drops; opened in 1997.
  • Foghorn Leghorn's Seaport Railway (Zamperla Rio Grande) – Train ride; opened in 1997.
  • Yosemite Sam's Flight School – Pint sized planes where children control how high they go; opened in 1997.
  • Seaport Carousel – A small merry-go-round with exotic animals; opened in 1997.
Tava's Jungleland (all rides opened in 2006)
  • Tava's Elephant Parade – A circular ride where children board small elephants and control their height.
  • Congo Queen (Zamperla Rockin' Tug) – A large Tugboat that rocks and spins.
  • Safari Jeep Tours – Riders board small Jeeps and traverse a track through animal attractions.
  • Nairobi's Lookout Balloons (Zamperla Samba Tower) – Riders board 4-person gondolas and are taken to heights of . Riders are able to spin themselves which allows this tame observation tower become a high speed thrill ride.
  • Frog Hopper – A circular ride with "hopping" cars.
  • Monkey Around (Zamperla Swing Ride) – A tame swing ride that offers no changes in elevation.
  • Zoe's Tree House (SCS Interactive “Treehouse”) – A large outdoor play structure with slides and look out towers.
Thomas Town (OTL Seaside Junction)
  • Harold the Helicopter (OTL) Air Pengiuns (I.E. Park Mini Flight) – A circular ride where children board small helicopters and control their height. 
  • Bertie's Seaside Tours (OTL) Melvin's Seaside Tours (I.E. Park Unknown Model Name) – Themed around Bertie the Bus
  • Thomas' Seaside Railway (OTL) Seaside Junction – Train rides around former the Shark Experience passing: Tidmouth Shed, Lake Hackenbeck, Hackenbeck Station. Riders board into Thomas' coaches Annie and Clarabel. 

Upcharge attractions

  • Skycoaster – Riders are harnessed to two long cables and hoisted 100 feet above the park. The riders must pull a ripcord and drop within 6 feet of the ground before swinging back and forth for a few minutes. Prices range from $35 for a Single Rider, $40 for a Double (two fliers), and $45 for a Triple (three fliers).
  • Superhero Speedway (OTL) TRS: Thunder Road Speedway– A high speed go cart track near Roar. Ride duration is 7 minutes.
  • Rockwall Climbing Challenge – Riders climb a 45 feet rock wall.

Six Flags Wild Waters Kingdom

In 2014 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom added a water park called Six Flags Wild Waters Kingdom which is included with admission to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Water Park Attractions

Name Opened Description
Barracuda Bay 2014 A set a four water slides where riders ride in inner tubes; Relocated from Six Flags Darien Lake.
Tsunami Falls 2014 A 70-foot-high water slide that sends riders on a 38-foot-per-second free fall.
Big Kahuna 2014 A family sized tube slide
Buccaneer Beach 2014 A pirate themed family water playground with slides for kids.
Floodgate Falls 2014 A lazy river ride with shooting water geysers and waterfalls.
Mermaid's Lagoon 2015 A wave pool. The largest in Northern California.

Past rides

Ride Opened Closed Manufacturer Description
Roar Great Coasters International 1999 2014 A wooden roller coaster. Replaced by "Roar: Steel Coaster" in 2015.

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