Template loop detected: Template:Amusement park Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) is a theme park resort located between Buffalo and Rochester in Darien Center, New York, United States, south of the New York State Thruway (I-90) on State Highway 77. It is owned and operated by Six Flags Inc. It has campgrounds, a water park, and an on-site, lodge themed hotel.


Premier Parks/Six Flags (1995-Present)

In 1995, growing regional park chain Premier Parks bought Funtime and its three owned parks. Premier dove right into changes and additions. In 1995, Skycoaster opened located over Fun Lake. In 1996, Adventure Land was replaced by Looney Tunes Seaport with all new kiddie rides like a Ferris wheel made to look like barrels, a hand-cranked train ride, a submarine ride, a ship themed play place (removed in 2004), and a food stand and restrooms in the then new kiddie area in an area that was occupied by miniature golf course. Also a water park expansion with new attractions took place in 1996 and 1997 with Hook's Lagoon (opened in 1996) the Crocodile Isle wave pool (opened in 1997) took over Adventure Land's old location by Elk Lake with new changing rooms and a food stand were built, and a bridge was built to connect the already existing Barracuda Bay slides with the then new water park. Three of the old Adventure Land rides were moved to another part of the park as the "Tiny Trio" in 1996 to make way for the water park's expansion.

From 1996 to 1999, Premier would also install a new roller coaster each year, Nightmare at Phantom Cave in 1996, Mind Eraser in 1997, Boomerang: Coast to Coaster in 1998, and Superman Ride of Steel (the world's first Intamin hypercoaster) in 1999. Nightmare was scrapped in 1999. In 1998, Premier purchased Six Flags Theme Parks, and began to rebrand its own parks as Six Flags. In May 1999, Six Flags Darien Lake opened under its new name, with a few major changes. Six Flags brought the DC Comics characters into the park, and also Hydro Force, Pipeline Plunge, Riptide Run, and Torpedo Rapids were removed from Barracuda Bay and Scrambler replaced Cinema 2000. In 2000 The Emporium gift shop opened in Lasso's old location, Crazy Quilt was removed and replaced with Lasso and also Twister was added to the park.

Current Rides

Roller coasters

Coaster Opened Manufacturer Description
Boomerang: Coast to Coaster 1998 Vekoma A Boomerang Shuttle roller coaster. This ride is located on the edge of Fun Lake in the Darien Square section of the park. The coaster lifts you backwards up a lift hill to a height of 120 feet in the air before it drops you down. After heading through a Cobra Roll and a Loop, you'll approach a second lift hill and experience the ride once again, but backwards.
Road Runner Express

(OTL) Hoot 'n Holler

1981 Zierer A steel kiddie roller coaster. Formerly called Ladybug and Nessie the Dreamy Dragon while it was part of Adventure Land for Kids. The ride is now par of Looney Tunes National Park and the ride was given the name Road Runner Express so that it would fit in with the Looney Tunes theme.
Mind Eraser 1997 Vekoma A steel Suspended Looping Coaster which is considered to be New York's only Suspended Looping Coaster. It is located in the Niagara Frontier section of the park. This ride is approximately 120 feet with 5 inversions including Vekoma's signature Heart-Loop (Half loop followed by twist followed by another half loop).

(OTL) The Predator

1990 Dinn Corporation A wooden roller coaster. It currently holds the title of New York's largest wooden roller coaster. In 2008, new trains were added to make the ride less shaky and bumpy than riders had experienced in years prior. Predator is located in the Crossroads section of the park.
Superman: Ride of Steel

(OTL) Ride of Steel

1999 Intamin A steel Mega Coaster, formerly known as Superman – Ride of Steel. The option for guests to purchase a photo of themselves during the ride is available in the Steel City Station gift shop at the ride's exit. This roller coaster is the tallest in New York. With a top height of 208 feet, and a maximum speed of 72 miles per hour, the ride is one of Darien Lake's largest attractions.
Tony Hawk's Big Spin 2008 Gerstlauer A steel spinning roller. Riders ride in skateboard themed cars. Located where the campground pools were.
Viper 1982 Arrow Huss A steel looping roller coaster. Viper was the first coaster in the world with 5 inversions. Originally painted all black, the track was painted green when Six Flags took over. However the entire coaster was repainted to black in 2010. The option for guests to purchase a photo of themselves during the ride is available at the exit.This coaster is known as the classic Darien Lake roller coaster. Many people consider the Viper to be their first coaster.

Water Rides

This list does not include the water rides at Darien Lake's water park.

Ride Opened Manufacturer Description
Bugs' White Water Rapids

(OTL) Grizzly Run

1989 Intamin A river rapids ride. Renamed in 2012 to fit in with Looney Tunes Nation Park.
Shipwreck Falls 2002 Intamin A Shoot the Chute water ride.
Thunder Rapids 1981 Arrow Dynamics A Log flume water ride.

Flat Rides

Ride Opened Manufacturer Description
Bear Valley Bumper Buggies 1981 DUCE Ride Manufacturers Bumper Cars
Marvin the Martian's Planet of Terror 2013 Sally Rides An indoor dark ride located in the former Nightmare at Phantom Cave building.
Corn Popper 1982 Huss Rides An original Swing Around. Part of the Huss showcase. The ride was formerly called Rodeo Round Up. It was changed back to the original name Corn Popper in 2010.
Giant Wheel 1983 Vekoma A 165 feet tall Ferris wheel, it was the largest in United States when installed. It was originally a part of the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, Tn.
Grande Carousel 1980 International Amusement Devices A Carousel Located in Lakefront Boardwalk. The carousel received a large Refurbishment for the new "50's style" of the Lakefront boardwalk in 2013.
Haymaker 1981 Heintz Fahtze A Paratrooper style ride, the only one of its kind.
Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

(OTL) Lasso

1981 Zierer Basic Wave swinger ride, located where Crazy Quilt stood.
Pirate 1981 Huss Ride A swinging Pirate ship ride on the edge of Fun Lake. It was installed as part of the HUSS showcase.
Ranger 1982 Huss Rides An original Huss Ranger ride, the first of its kind in North America. It is the only Huss Ranger ride still operating in North America. It was installed as part of the HUSS showcase. This is the only non-family ride located in Looney Tunes National Park.
Looping Dragon

(OTL) Rolling Thunder

2015 Larson International A basic Larson Giant Loop, located at the site of the former UFO ride.
Scrambler 1999 Eli Bridge A standard Grasscutter Twist ride that (OTL) originally opened in 1999. In 2012, the ride became a part of Looney Tunes National Park.
Silver Bullet 1981 Heintz Fahtze The only Enterprise manufactured by HF in operation.
Sleighride 1981 Mack Rides A Petersburger Schlittenfahrt type ride.
Tin Lizzies 1981 Arrow Dynamics An antique car ride.
Twister 2000 Huss Rides A Top Spin ride, Themed to look like it is made of wood.

Past Rides

Ride Opened Closed Manufacturer Description
BMX Motocross 1980s 2011 Hampton Rides Circular kiddie ride featuring BMX style motorbikes which jump over humps as they circle. It was originally located near the Giant Wheel, it moved to Adventure Land in 1988 and to the Tiny Trio in 1997. (OTL) Relocated to Elitch Gardens in 2012 as "Tike Bikes". Relocated to Geauga Lake as "Mini Motocross".
Boats 1980s Unknown A small boat ride. It was located near the Giant Wheel.
'Cuda Falls 1994 2014 A set of four water slides located in the Barracuda Bay section of the water park. Relocated to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2014.
Crazy Quilt 1981 2000

(OTL) 1999

Mack Rides A Calypso type ride. It was located where Lasso now stands.
Earth Orbiter 1980s 1996 Zierer A small kiddie Ferris wheel ride that was part of Adventure Land.
Funtime Junction 1980s 1997 Chance Rides Rideable miniature railway located around Elk Lake in Adventure Land for Kids.
Monty's Moon Walk 1980s 1996 A Ball Pit in Adventure Land.
Nightmare at Phantom Cave 1996 1999 (OTL) 1998 Schwarzkopf Relocated to Darien Lake from Kentucky Kingdom in 1996 and housed in the current Galaxy Theater building. Scrapped in 1999.
Raft Adventure 1996 (OTL) 2010 Zamperla A mini jet ride made to look like wooden rafts. The ride was replaced by Critter Chase.
Raging Seas 1981 2012 Mack Rides A Seesturmbahn ride that features small hills and is themed as boats and the boats spin is they go up and down the hills. Formerly called Sea Storm until 1999. Removed towards the end of the 2012 operating season to be replaced by Blast Off.
Red Baron 1980s Unknown Kiddie airplane ride located near the Giant Wheel.
Runaway Railway 1996 2006 Zamperla Miniature train engines for small children (under 54") that are hand cranked by the rider. Formerly called Elmer Fudd's Tiny Tooter Railroad and Muscle Junction.
SS Looney Tunes 1996 2004 Play structure themed as a ship. The boat was named The Swashbuckler to fit in with Blake Daring's Storybook Adventure. Formerly called SS Olive.
Thrillbilly 1979 1990 Huss rides A Troika ride, located where the Predator now stands. The ride was installed as part of the HUSS showcase.
UFO 1980 2013 (OTL) 2012 Huss Rides An original HUSS UFO ride that was installed as part of the HUSS showcase. Removed in 2013.

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