Sitka (Russ: Ситка, old name - Новоархангельск) is the royal and legislative capital of Alaska and the oldest existent Russian settlement in North America. While the judiciary, patriarchy and most major ministries are located in Aleksandrgrad, Sitka is the seat of government and the military, and is a city whose sole economy is governmental work. As of the 2011 census, Sitka has a population of 257,856, making it one of the smallest capital cities in the world.

Sitka is located on Baranov Island along Alaska's Pacific Coast, facing Sitka Sound, and has suburbs on the nearby volcanic Kruzov Island and numerous unincorporated communities on surrounding islands where its governmental residents live. Sitka is home to the Duma of Alaska as well as the Moon Palace, where the Premier of Alaska resides and the Tsar keeps an official office, although the Tsar resides at Severovsky immediately to the south or on Ekitask on the mainland. Sitka is also home to the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, the security services and the Defense Ministry.

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