Sitka skyline

Aleksandrgrad Night

Sitka at night

Sitka is the third-largest city in the United States, with a massive population of 9 million people. Sitka was originally established as the colonial capital Russian America, then that of Russian Alyeska, followed by the capital of the short-lived Alyeskan Empire, the territorial capital of Alyeska, and finally the state capital of Alyeska, which it has been since 1943. Sitka experienced a massive inflow of immigrants and refugees from China, Japan, and the Russian Far East during the Fifth World War which is now referred to as the Alyeskan Exodus. People also came into Alyeskan during the Cold War when Indochina fought for independence from Japan, and during the Australasian War. Sitka's population is currently 48% Russian-American, 37% Asian descent, 10% French-American, 3% American, and 2% Native. Sitka is also the second-largest city on the Pacific coast of America, following Los Angeles.

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