Great Sioux Nation
Sioux (Vegetarian World)
Official languages None; Standard Sioux is used in government. English is often used in external diplomacy.
Capital Minnewasta
Largest City Minnewasta
Population 2,109,000
HDI 0.884
Republic formed 1871
Currency Siouan Dollar (SXD)
Our Timeline Equivalent North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, parts of Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Arkansas)

The Great Sioux Nation, otherwise known as Sioux is a republic located in central Pemhakamik, to the west of Anishinaabe.



78% Non-vegetarian
22% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

67% Greater Siouan (Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Iowa, Kansa, Missouri, Osage, Absaroka, Assiniboine, etc)
22% other Pemhakamik Aboriginals
10% European (English, French, etc)
01% others


51% Indigenous beliefs
31% Non-religious
18% agnostic
13% atheist
12% Christian
06% Catholic
04% Protestant
02% Quaker
05% Cathar
01% others

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