The Sino-Soviet War (July 7, 1960 - July 11, 1960) was a military conflict fought primarilly between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People's Republic of China. After 3 days of conventional fighting, the conflict escalated as the Soviet Politburo voted unanimously in favour of the use of nuclear weapons.

The conflict was the result of the massive swath of refugees from China to the Soviet Union. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin urged Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong to contain the surge in migration. The Soviet General stationed on the border proposed a joint military operation to help with the problem to the Chinese Colonel at the border. The offer was outright refused, and the Colonel had exclaimed that if any Soviet troops are found on Chinese soil, it would be an act of war. The day after, the Soviets launched an airstrike on a bridge next to the Chinese border. The Colonel stationed at the base informed the leadership that the Soviets bombed Chinese border stations. 3 hours later, the Chinese invaded, marking total war between the two countries.

The Chinese initially made huge gains. The surprise invasion of the Chinese caught the Soviet military off guard. The Chinese mass charges swarmed Soviet bases and on the morning of July 10, the PLA had seized the Trans-Siberian railway. Joseph Stalin had called the Politburo together to discuss plans for continuing the war, resulting in the unanimous vote for the use of nuclear weapons against the PLA. On the morning of July 11, after 3 days of conventional conflict, the Soviet Union launched a nuclear attack against the People's Republic of China, decapitating the regime and razing every major city to the ground. The conflict was then declared over.


The Soviet Union annexed Mongolia, East Turkestan, and Manchuria. Tibet gained independence and the rest of China was plunged into yet another period of warlordism. The Taiwan Nationalists then returned to the mainland and took control of the southern coast, preparing to mount a second expedition to the North in an effort to unify China. 

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