The Sino-Sican War was fought from 117-120 AD between the invading Hill tribe and the Chinese. The Hills came victorious, and established the Hill Dynasty.

The War

In 117, leaders of the Hill tribe decided to attack China and try to establish a kingdom, or at least perish trying. The Hills experienced difficulty surviving up until that time, so a risky war didn't really matter if they were to lose.

The Hills were strangely very effective in war, conquering three-quarters of China in the first year of the war (117-18). In 119, almost all of the stronger cities of Eastern China fell, and in 121 Shanghai (the capital of China) and a few other strong villages fell to the Hills at the Battle of Shanghai, thus ending the war.


After the Hills victoriously conquered China, they established the Hill Dynasty, and built the city of Xanux a year after the war.

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