Sino-British Agreement of 1937
Lhasa, Tibet
By executive power of Second Chinese Republic and United Kingdom for the Imperial Commonwealth Federation)
Parties Second Chinese Republic, United Kingdom and Tibet
Depositary League of Nations
Languages Chinese, English and Tibetan

The Sino-British Agreement of 1937 was signed between Second Chinese Republic, United Kingdom and Tibet. It established in exchange for help of the Imperial Commonwealth Federation (ICF) in the Second Sino-Japanese War the complete withdrawal of the NRA and PLA from Tibet (or Outer Tibet as it was called was China).

It also recognized the autonomy of Outer Tibet to establish its government and most importantly it the re-establishment of the transit of persons and trade goods with British India and other counties as spelled out in the Second Simla Agreement. Tibet renounces to its claims over Amdo and eastern Kham in China, Nepal and Bhutan.

However the Second Republic of China maintained its position of considering Outer Tibet as part of its territory with a degree of self-government but agreed not to military intervene nor be part of any alliance against China. This last part established the basis for the neutrality of Tibet. China will appoint a Resident Representative from time to time, for Tibet as their representative. He will make all communication between China and Tibet and will be stationed in Lhasa.

The economical and commercial clauses established complete freedom of trade between Tibet with China and British India, keeping however the conditions of the Anglo-Tibetan Trade Treaty of 1925 but extended also to China.

The military clauses allowed for Tibet to reconstruct its Armed Forces with the help of China and UK-ICF for the sole purpose of safeguarding its neutrality and control of international borders.

The status, position, functions and powers of the Dalai Lama and Pachen Lama are to be defined by the Tibetan people.

The Agreement will have an indefinite duration and only by concurrence and agreement of the three signatories can it be modified.

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