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China Australia Locator

POD: Kevin Rudd died on 4 of January 2007, wasn't elected as Prime Minister of Australia, as well as one who is favourable to Sino-Australian relations, notably in view of the fact that he is the first Australian Prime Minister to speak fluent Mandarin, and that closer engagement with Asia was one of the "Three Pillars" of his foreign policy would not occur.

Sino-Australian Conflict orthographic

The People's Republic of China (green), its claimed territory (lighter green) and Australia (orange).

When, on June 15, 2007, Prime Minister John Howard received the Dalai Lama, China protested, with official critics.

In 2008, the Olympics in Beijing caused some conflicts with the Australian delegation in the Olympic Village, and a diplomatic conflict declared and broadcast in news all over the world.

4 days after Olympics came to an end, an Anti-Chinese demonstration in Australia occurs with a negative reaction between the governments of Australia and China. Tensions between Canberra and Beijing continued to rise when Beijing accused the Australian government of not doing enough to protect Chinese citizens living in Australia after a number were hurt during a massive Anti-Chinese protest in Sydney.

Asia-australia fear

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