The Republic of Singapore (Chinese:新加坡共和国; Malay: Republik Singapura; Tamil: சிங்கப்பூர் குடியரசு) is a nation located under Malaysia. Singapore is unique of its kind, as it is both a nation and a city. It is made up of 63 different islands as well.

In the past, Singapore has been part of various empires since around 2nd century CE. Howevre, modern Singapore was founded by as a trading post by the East India Company in 1819 with permission, and it became under full British control in 1824. Though soon, in Second World War, the Empire of Japan had invaded and took control of Singapore, doing so until 1945, when it was returned to Britain. Then, in 1959 it became self-governed. In 1963 Singapore declared independence from Britain, and in the same year merged with Malaysia. However, two years later, Singapore decided to separate from Malaysia and declared independence in 1965. Since then, it became one of the four Asian tigers (other being South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) and has one of the busiest ports in the world.

Other incarnations of Singapore can be found in:

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