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Republic of Sindhustan
Timeline: Alternity

OTL equivalent: southeastern Pakistan; Gujarat, India
Flag of Sindhudesh Sindhseal
Flag Seal
Sindhustan, 1997 (Alternity)
Location of Sindhustan
Anthem "Sindh Ji Dharti"
Capital Hyderabad
Largest city Karachi
Language Sindhi, English, Kachhi, Gujarati
Religion Islam, Hinduism
Ethnic Group Sindhi
Demonym Sindhustani
Government Presidential republic
  legislature Grand National Assembly
President Asif Ali Zardari
Population 90,457,000 (15th largest) 
Established July 12, 1967
(Current constitution)
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 1947
  recognized 1947
Currency Sindhustani rupee
Internet TLD .si
Organizations United Nations

Sindhustan, officially the Republic of Sindhustan, is a republic located in South Asia, on the Indian subcontinent. The nation shares borders with India to the east and Balochistan to the west-northwest. Sindhustan possesses the fifteenth largest population in the world, with nearly 90.5 million inhabitants.



Partition (1947)

Early years (1947-1960)

Instability (1950-1964)

Road to recovery (1964-1971)

War with Balochistan (1970-1973)

Main Article: Baloch-Sindhi War (1970-1973)

Modern Times (1973-present)







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