Sinchi Rocha Yupanqui
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Sinchi Rocha Yupanqui
Sinchi wowing the crowds

Sapa Inca of the Incas
1956 – present

Predecessor: Atik Inca
Born: 1936 (aged 80)
Imperial House: Yupanqui
Father: Atik Inca
Religion: Intia
Sinchi Rocha Yupanqui is the current Sapa Inca of the Incas and ruler of the Inca Empire. Yupanqui is the longest reigning monarch in the world. Considered a reformer by many, Yupanqui made the first steps toward the transition to democracy, holding the first elections ever in the empire, and established the office of Prime Minister. Yupanqui has no sons, which nearly caused a succession crisis in the empire, but in 2009, Yupanqui amended the constitution to allow female succession. Upon his death, his favourite granddaughter, Kayara, will ascend the throne as the first female Sapa Inca since Huitaca Inca.