A 6th century treaty proposed by the Regnum Visigothorum to the Ostrogothic kingdom. The treaty was written in response to the Ostrogoths practically non-existent war effort and the Visigothorums desire to unify its people without further bloodshed.

Conditions of the treaty include;

  1. The Ostrogoths surrender to the Visigothic invasion and submit all of their holdings in northern Italy and the adjacent lands in central Italy until just passed Rome to the Regnum Visigothorum.
  2. The Visigoths will de-militarize "bastions of society" and towns/villages with large civilian populace, as well as pull out Southern Italy.
  3. Visigoths promise to push the fighting out of Italy and ensure the Ostrogoths that they will have to take no place in the fighting.
  4. The Visigoths will help clean up war damages and provide economic bailout to impoverished parts of the kingdom.
  5. The Ostrogoths are promised protection under the Regnum Visigothorum expecting nothing but loyalty in exchange.
  6. Elections will be held to decide on a senate of decision makers that would help to make future decisions for the people of Italia.
  7. The Ostrogoths renounce their friendship to the Byzantines.
  8. Hospitals and medical retreats are to be created to help with injured Ostrogothic troops.
  • Regnum Visigothorum: afunnymouth
  • Ostrogothic Kingdom: (Mod) Knoxmoor

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