Chu Dynasty
(Greater Silla Empire)
Silla Jeguk


 The Korean peninsula (above) forms its core territory 

Motto: 긴 민족 을 살!
(Long live the Korean nation!)
Anthem: 한국어 애국적인 노래
(“Korean Patriotic Song”)

Capital                      Hanseong (Seoul)
(and largest city)

Official Languages: Korean, Manchu, Ainu                                       Mandarin, Cantonese,                                         Mongolian, Turkic  Demonym:                Korean

Religion:                   Buddhism, Shamanism                                       Tengriism, Chinese folk                                       religions, Heaven worship

Government type:    Absolute monarchy
Emperor:                   Chu, Jaewon              


  • Establishment ~ 57 BCE
  • Introduction of Buddhism ~ 530 CE
  • Campaigns of King Jinheung ~ 551–585 CE
  • Unified Silla ~ 625 CE
  • Chu Dynasty ~ 720 CE
Population;                est. 19,321,866


  • Total ~ $18.846 billion
  • per capita ~ $1000 

The Empire of Silla (Korean: 신라제국; Hanja; 新羅帝國; Silla Jeguk; literally "Greater Silla Empire"), sometimes referred to as the Chu Dynasty is an absolute monarchy situated on East Asia, with the densely populated Korean peninsula as its "core territory". It borders the Uyghur Khaganate, the Liang dynasty, Japan, and the Ainu peoples of Hokkaido.

It was one of the three kingdoms, along with Goguryeo and Baekje that ruled Korea during the Three Kingdoms period. In the late 6th century Silla, allied with China under the Liang dynasty, unified the Korean peninsula, resulting in the brief North--South States period. Shortly after, the weakening Goguryeo agreed to unify with Silla by royal marriage, with its previous monarchs becoming "advisors". Since unification, Silla has rapidly expanded its territory into parts of Mongolia, Manchuria, and the islands of Sakhalin and Hokkaido, as well as expanding its influence to a global scale.

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