The Selisian uprisings
Die Roten Marschieren Auf
Date 16 September 1919 – 21 July 1921
Location Silesia region of Germany
  • League of Nation forced treaty.
  • Upper Silesia plebiscite
Flag of East Germany German Socialist Republic

Supported by:

  • Russian SFSR
Flag of Poland Polish Military Organisation
Commanders and leaders
Flag of East Germany Karl Liebknecht

Flag of East Germany Ernst Thälmann

Flag of Poland Wojciech Korfanty

Flag of Poland Alfons Zgrzebniok

Flag of East Germany 70,000 Flag of Poland 40,000

The Silesian uprisings were a series of revolts by Polish nationalists to overthrow the German government in the region and annex Silesia to the Second Polish Republic.

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