Sikh Empire
Preceded by 1750-1984 Succeeded by
Misl (Sikh Confederacy)
Durrani Empire
Maratha Empire
India (Most parts),
Iran (Smaller eastern areas) (All in Late 20th century)

Sikh colonial areas:
British Empire,
Portuguese Empire,
French Empire or its Colonial terrorities (Late 19th century to Mid-20th century)

Nishan Sahib Khanda
Flag during its 18th century to pre-1940s until they joined Axis as means taking land from British Raj Seal
Sikh Empire 1850s
Sikh Empire (with its colonies) in peak from mid-18th century.
(and largest city)
Lahore until 1912
Delhi since 1912
Language Punjabi (De jure),
Balochi (in only Baloch area),
other native African, Indian, and few other Persian languanges (all De facto until 1940s, Put repealed in 1952)
Religion Sikhism (57%)
Islam and Hinduism (23%)
Others (that may induced Irreligious movements like 6 to 6.5%) (15%) (1983)
Government Federal Monarchy (until 1860s)
Absolute Monarchy with Sikh theocratic elements (only on non-sikh majority areas) (until 1930s)
Single-party Nationalistic Dictatorship (until 1975)
Domiant-party semi-Constutional Sikh Republic (since 1975)
Population 85,251,563 (1983; Offical Sikh Empire records) 
Currency Nanak Shahi Rupee (until 1941)
Grand Singh Rupee (until 1975)
New Nanak Shahi Rupee (Since 1975)
Internet TLD .ske (disconnected by 1986)
Sikh Empire, Was most successful empire in Modern history that used control mostly Eastern Persia (Today Balochisingh and few region smaller Far-southern eastern areas), Majority of North Western part of India (Mostly Pakisingh and rest are become part of Republic of India) and 1 of 6th of Africa due of French Emperor (Napoleon III) shares an treaty to make alliance only against other Europan nations throughout 18th century until its fall in WW2 and than Indian and Iranian government land from Sikh empire over decades due by Truce of Berlin until they have merged to Indian government (with smaller areas give it to Iranian government) and Balochisingh declared independence in 1983.


Formation of Sikh nation (1750-1812)

Rise of Sikh Empire (1812-1952)

Final years of Empire (1952-1984)