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Timeline: Saracen Jihad
OTL equivalent: Sijilmasa
Umayyad Flag 744 -
Berber Revolt States (Saracen Jihad).png
Sijilmasa in green.
Official languages Berber
Religion Khariji Islam
Government Monarchy
 -  King Abu al-Qasim Samgu bin Wasul al-Miknasi
 -  Established 744 

The nation of Sijilmasa is a Berber city-state founded in the aftermath of the Berber Revolt. Led by Sufrite Kharijites, the early group of settlers in the area numbered about four thousand people, who began construction of city of Sijilmasa in 744. Founded on the northern edge of the Sahara Desert, along the River Ziz in the Tafilalt oasis, the settlement attracted many other Berber soldiers and settlers from northern Morocco.

‘Isa bin Mazid al-Aswad was selected as the group’s first leader, who handled the city’s affairs during the town’s establishment and early history. However, after ruling for 14 years, al-Aswad was blamed by his companions of corruption and executed. Abu al-Qasim Samgu bin Wasul al-Miknasi, chief of a branch of the Miknasa tribe, became the leader of the town.