Siegmund Kronenberg
Epic Generalz

Portrait of Siegmund Kronenberg

Commander of Austria-Hungarian Army
During The Napoleonic Wars
class="infobox vcard" style="border-color:rgb(170,170,170);color:black;line-height:1.5em;width:22em;" Reign 1771-1779
Predecessor Position Created
Successor Fredereich Sitzer

|- | colspan="2" style="height:4px;text-align:center;"| |- !Spouse |Klarissa Hapsburg of Austria-Hungary |- !House |Hapsburg-Lorraine |- !Father |Maximillian Kronenberg |- !Mother |Alisa Wittelbach |- !Born |3 August 1749 Berlin, Prussia |- !Died |29 March 1830 (aged 80) Vienna, Austria-Hungary |- !Burial |St. Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria-Hungary |- !Religion |Protestant |} WIP

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