On 17 November, army units with armoured trucks blocked the road leading from Saraqib to Idlib City. Around 200 soldiers moved in from a nearby army base to set up checkpoints on the western and southern side of the city, were some 4000 people demonstrated daily. The next day, army soldiers tried to storm Saraqib from the north, attacked the outskirts with infantery and several tanks. Demonstrators fought back, killing five soldiers and destroying one tank with a fuel bomb. The army responded by firing 70 shells into the city, killing at least 11 civilians. Army tanks moved into the city and occupied the main road, shelling several houses. At least 400 soldiers took part in the attack, but on 19 November a group of 60 soldiers defected and fled into the city with guns and two armoured cars. 

On 20 November, the army began an all out attack on Saraqib. Several shells and rockets were fired into the city centre as soldiers and tanks moved into the city once again. Heavy fighting broke out in the northern part of the city as soldiers stormed the police station and the local Court building, killing seven demonstrators inside. Some 20 people were executed in the city centre, as soldiers fought defectors and civilian fighters in the eastern district. At least 15 rebels and nine soldiers were killed in hours long fighting. On 21 November, the army stormed the southern district, killing five rebels and nine civilians. Three soldiers were killed in a blast near the southern edge of the city, were a tank was also destroyed. Late in the evening, the remaining rebels were pushed out of the city as the army took complete control of the town, killing another 4 people during an evening protest.

Soldiers killed: 17, 2 tanks destroyed

Rebels killed: 20

Civilians killed: 51

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