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Battle of Uxbridge
Days After Chaos
Part of Wars of William Washburn
Date 31 March - 1 June 1879
Location Providence, Rhode Island
Result Decisive Worcester Victory
Worcester Providence
Commanders and leaders
William B. Washburn

The Siege of Providence was a decisive Worcester victory under the command of William B. Washburn against the Governorship of Providence during the Wars of William Washburn. The siege would begin on 31 March 1879, and ended about two months later on 1 June, with Worcester forces taking the city of Providence.

The loss of Providence signaled the end of the Governorship of Providence, and the city fell into the hands of Washburn's forces.


Following the defeat at Uxbridge, Providence forces from across the governorship fell back toward the city to defend against Washburn's attack, creating a large defense force. The siege lasted for two months, with the forces inside finally succumbing to a direct assault on 1 June 1879. In exchange for sparing the inhabitants, the military of the city swore fealty to Washburn, pledging to fight for him. Providence's leaders however were executed.

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